Grip To Win by Olympians Jimmy Pedro and Rhadi Ferguson (Clickbank)

“Skyrocket Your Performance, Neutralize Your Opponents, Win More, Lose Less and Improve at Lightening Speeds by Learning the Secret and Highly-Guarded Gripfighting techniques of 4-Time Olympian, 1999 World Judo Champion and 5-Time National Champion Jimmy Pedro and 2004 Olympian, 4-Time National Judo Champion, Brazilian Jiujitsu World Medalist and BJJ Black Belt Rhadi Ferguson as they unleash their gripping secrets for the first time ever!”

Dear Gi Grappling Enthusiast:

In-the-know Judo Players and Grapplers know, understand and accept the fact that gripping and the knowledge of gripfighting can single-handedly take an Average Grappler and launch them into the realm of GREAT in no time at all

Gripfighting is a grappler’s venom. By injecting it into your game you can literally use your hands like fangs to neutralize and paralyze your opponents and render them helpless as you go in for the kill!

When you understand, grasp, learn and uncover the “ins-and-outs” of the secret art of Gripfighting from two of the foremost experts in gripfighting instruction you will feel like an unstoppable machine!! And once you get a taste of this drug, you won’t be able to stop!


This question comes up all the time and here’s the best way that I can explain it to you. Jimmy Pedro is a 4-Time Olympian and a World Judo Champion. He lived for months at a time in Japan , trained all over the world and traveled internationally as young judo player.

Also his father was a top notch coach in the sport of judo and he also was an international judo player. Traveling to all the tournaments, training camps and team competitions easily cost over $30,000.00 a year. Jimmy even ran up a bill one year of $67,349.23

In 1992 Jimmy made his first appearance at the Olympic Games and in 1991 Jimmy Pedro won his first medal at the World Championships by placing third. Which means that Jimmy has been on the top of the judo world for 12 years. If you include the 14 years that he spent to get to that level, then you are looking at 24 years of total high level judo and gripping instruction and experience. If you multiply 22 years by $30000.00 you will quickly see that Jimmy Pedro easily has over $660,000.00 dollars worth of gripfighting information in his head.

Rhadi Ferguson returned to Judo in 1997 after an 11 year layoff and he immediately found a way to start training with Jimmy Pedro and in a matter of 1 year Rhadi Ferguson placed 3 rd at the US Open Judo Championships and instantly became the #2 player in the United States . After learning from Jimmy, Rhadi developed his own gripfighting system in order to use his explosive power and in a matter of months Rhadi became the 2000 Olympic Alternate and then became a 2004 Olympian while totally owning and dominating his weight class in the United States.

Rhadi did all of this while also training and competing and using his gripfighting prowess to become one of the top Judo Players in the World and one of the top in Brazilian Jiujitsu Practitioners in the World. Rhadi consistently trained in Brazil and through travel and competing also spent thousands of dollars a year consistently spending between 15,000 to 25,000 a year and spending over $30,000 during 2004. If you multiply Rhadi’s 7 years by $20,000 you can clearly see Rhadi easily has over $140,000.00 worth of gripfigthing experience to pull from. And, even more than that because as Jimmy Pedro said,

“ Rhadi is a true student and excellent coach of the gripfighting game ”.

So all in all you can clearly see that there is easily over $750,000.00 of Gripfighting experience and information between Jimmy Pedro and Rhadi Ferguson . So, if you believe that there may be some secrets that we have that you may not know then I would certainly encourage you to wrap your hands around The Grip To Win Series as soon as possible, guard it with your life and not to share it unless someone is as serious as you are and willing to invest in their careers and themselves.

If you believe that you know it all (which clearly isn’t possible) and you’ve got it figured out, then thanks for reading this page, but you can leave right now.


This actually happened to me. My judo coach at the time, Eddie Liddie reminded me of some advice that I knew but was not doing in between rounds of the Olympic Trials and that information single-handedly helped me become a 2004 Olympian. The question really isn’t- Are There Secrets? The question is, “We have some information for you, that you may not know, that will enhance your judo and grappling game…..Do you want it?”

Okay, Jimmy and Rhadi, That’s Great But How Much Does The Grip To Win Series Cost?

Well, before we even address how much it costs how about we tell you what it is that you get first!

Here’s what you get. You will receive the Grip To Win Series which contains the following:


The Grip To Win – Gripfighting Quick Start Guide –

The Gripfighting Quick Start Guide is basically a “how-to” guide. It covers exactly where to put your hands and why. It also covers the most common gripfighting sequences and explains exactly how to do them. The Quick Start Guide also cover the physiological factors of gripping, the reasons why gripping efficiency is important, the top 3 gripping sequences and a great review all in a 22 page booklet.

The Grip To Win – Gripfighting Quick Start MP3 Audio File –

In addition to the 22 page booklet, 4-time Olympian Jimmy Pedro and Olympian Rhadi Ferguson go “beyond-the-booklet” in order to get into the nitty-gritty and the nooks and crannies of the gripfighting sequences covered. This MP3 Audio File is a great addition to the guide and it will single-handedly improve your gripfighting.

The Gripfigthing Quick Start Guide and The Gripfighting Quick Start MP3 Audio Filealone would retail at $79.99


The Grip To Win – Importance Of Gripfighting (parts 1 and 2) MP3 Audio File –

In the Importance of Gripfighting MP3 Audio Files Jimmy and Rhadi reveal exactly how your increased gripfighting prowess can change the landscape of your judo career. They totally dispel the current myths and fallacies about gripping and peel back the curtain and let you know exactly how they were able to reach high levels of success on the match by becoming a better gripper.

It is also in this series where Rhadi exposes EXACTLY how he sets up the hit double leg takedown and Jimmy explains why he lost in the 2000 Olympics . Jimmy reveals the gripfighting sequence that gave him the most problems in his career and what he needed to do in order to conquer his gripfighting problems.

Rhadi explains exactly how he was able to win a silver medal at the 2001 Brazilian Jiujitsu World Championships while Jimmy explains how he beat Makarov in the finals of the 1999 World Championships.

Jimmy and Rhadi also cover exactly some of their match strategy in terms of gripping and applying pressure to an opponent.

In this audio portion Jimmy also comments on his feelings about Brazilian Jiujitsu and what he saw in Rhadi’s career as it advanced from the time when he used to flop him around like a “rag-doll” to the point where he is now.

This 2 Part MP3 Audio File set is so thick with information that I could easily charge and get $297.00 for this. I consistently charge and get $250.00 for a half hour phone consultation. This Audio CD series is already something like you’ve NEVER seen because it contains not only commentary but in-depth gripping information from 2 Olympians on it and they are doing a brain dump for over an hour.


The Grip To Win – Q&A with Jimmy Pedro and Rhadi Ferguson (parts 1 and 2) MP3 Audio File –

Jimmy and Rhadi polled their personal customer lists, solicited feedback from forums, their website and national and international friends and fans in order to find out the biggest questions concerning gripfighting . Jimmy and Rhadi then chiseled down the list to remove any redundancy and then attacked your questions with reckless abandon.

In Q&A with Jimmy Pedro and Rhadi Ferguson you will:

  • Get the inside secrets of exactly what you need to do to increase your gripping endurance
  • Never get stiff armed again! Find out how to conquer, crush and nullify the “stiff-arm” and also why you should never stiff arm in practice
  • Get the ESSENTIAL fundamentals of gripfigthing which are so easy-to-understand that you newfound ability will completely frustrate and upset your training partners
  • Own and know the gripping style that used to completely frustrate and upset Jimmy Pedro. This is the main reason why Jimmy didn’t attain a medal at the 2000 Olympic Games and how he almost lost at the 2004 Olympics in Athens, Greece
  • Uncover how and why these gripfigthing secrets will evolve and advance your total judo and grappling game
  • Learn exactly how Rhadi became a medalist at the Brazilian Jiujitsu World Championships by using some of the gripfighting secrets covered in this program
  • Listen as Jimmy and Rhadi expose the biggest “Hole” in American Judo
  • Hear Jimmy Pedro as he gives his true, honest and unbridled opinion about Brazilian Jiujitsu – I’m sure that you will find his comment SHOCKING AND SURPRISING!
  • Find out how you can maintain control of your opponent while transitioning from one grip to another
  • Unleash your Judo and grappling potential by understanding how to improve your gripfighting ability and understand the strategies behind grip fighting
  • Uncover the reason why you MUST reach with the correct hand while gripfighting – this one thing alone will reduce your opportunity of being thrown by 97%
  • Develop a quick, easy and effective gripping strategy that you can use that really doesn’t take much effort at all
  • Discover the drills, sports specific and functional training exercises that will catapult your gripfighting abilities into the realm of incredible
  • Listen as Jimmy unveils the most effective grip to execute Uchimata
  • Acquire the reasoning why gripfighting is important for experts and beginners and the things that beginners need to be absolutely aware of so that they don’t ruin their judo careers!!

And that is only the tip-of-the-iceberg!!

This super-charged audio program set is an OUTSTANDING addition to this package. Just imagine if you could sit down in front of a 4-Time Olympian who is also a Judo World Champion and his Olympic Teammate who is also a Brazilian Jiujitsu Expert and interrogate them for over an hour on gripping. Do you think that would be an eye-opening experience? You’re darn right it would!

And I wish that I would have had the chance that you have right now. I would have happily forked over a couple hundred bucks for such an opportunity. In order to cut years off my learning curve $400.00 would be nothing but a drop in the bucket. Heck, as we said earlier, that’s not even close to what we spent in a year in order to travel and train.

After doing the Q&A portion of The Grip To Win Series Jimmy and I wanted to offer it as a solo item at $297.00, but we decided against it because we’re really trying to grow the sport of judo and grappling and this is our utmost and foremost concern more so than making money.

So if you look at everything you will get:

  1. The Grip To Win Gripfighting Quick Start Guide
  2. The Grip To Win Gripfighting Quick Start Audio File – A $79.99 value
  3. The Grip To Win Importance of Gripfighting Audio File (parts 1 and 2) – A $297.00 value
  4. The Grip To Win Q&A With Olympians Jimmy Pedro and Rhadi Ferguson Audio File (parts 1 and 2) – A $297.00 value

All together that’s a $673.99 package with a manual and 5 information rich MP3s which cover the secret and rarely discussed art of gripfighting by arguably two of the best and most well-rounded grapplers in the game and without a doubt one of the Best Judo Players To Ever Walk The Planet – Jimmy Pedro, and the only man to ever compete at the Olympic Games, the Brazilian Jiujitsu World Championships and the Submission Wrestling World Championships, Rhadi Ferguson.


We challenge you to find another product, produced by 2 Olympians, with better content, more information and more insightful knowledge of gripfighting.

If you can do that, we’ll give you your money back on the spot!! You won’t find it because nobody has taken the time to give you what we are giving you.

Right Now You Have An Opportunity To Step Inside Of A Brand New World Of Understanding. If You Were Once Blind, You Will Now Be Able To See!!

Because we are committed to spreading the knowledge of gripping, gripfighting and increased grip strength we are not going to charge $673.99 for this package. As a matter of fact, even though its worth more than $673.99, we’re not even going to charge $297.00 for this package. Because we really want you to have it, we’re going to give it to you for a measly $37.

That’s a greater than $600.00 discount.

For LESS THAN the price of a dinner and a movie for two, you can pop the top off of your head and simply pour the information that World Champion Jimmy Pedro and Olympian Rhadi Ferguson have paid thousands for in travel, training and competition experience. You actually get this knowledge for pennies on the dollar.

SIDEBAR FROM RHADI: To be completely honest, I was and am totally against giving this information out at this price. I thought that $399.99 was more than fair, but Jimmy said, “Rhadi, let’s just give it away and worry about the money later.” I literally said, “You must be __________ crazy?!?! Jimmy this is our life here, not some fly-by-night product. This is why you are who you are and why I am who I am. Without gripfighting we’d have nothing to show for our careers except some 1 st place blue ribbons in a box.”

Jimmy said, “I understand, but we’d be like everyone else who has not divulged this information. Let’s be different, let’s make a difference in judo.”

Now that whole, “let’s make a difference” speech broke me down, I must admit.

So for only $37.00 you will get The Grip To Win Series, and that’s not all ………

If You Order Right Now, We’ll Throw In 3 HUGE BONUSES!!

Bonus #1 The Grip To Win Judo Resource Audio File (parts 1 and 2) (Valued at $97)

In this set Jimmy Pedro will divulge the exact person and location of where and how he used to get his Judo Gis tailored. He will provide you with the name and tell you exactly how to contact this person.

Rhadi Ferguson will discuss the ins and outs of each of his products, their benefits and how they can enhance your overall life on and off the mat. Jimmy discusses his new upcoming projects that will be released in the future and how he’s working towards the process of “ McDonaldization ”

Rhadi Ferguson plainly lists and spells out the best website resources for judo players who want to be “in-the-know”.If you want to know where the grapplers hang out on the ‘net, Rhadi will show you the hot spots

Jimmy will explain the innards of his business model at his school and tell you how he was able to quadruple his business after the Olympics

Olympians Jimmy Pedro and Rhadi Ferguson also discuss how they were able to utilize their athletic careers as a platform for their professional pursuits and their plans to help others.

This Audio File in and of itself is an invaluable piece of information and is thrown in as a Bonus just for you!

Bonus #2 The Grip To Win Teleseminar Audio File (Value at $97)

That’s right not only do you get The Grip To Win Series but we will also provide you with the seminar that was held on March 8th 2007, just in case you missed it. In this seminar Jimmy Pedro and Rhadi Ferguson covered some of the key elements to enhancing your grappling and judo career with the secret art of gripfighting

Bonus #3 The Grip To Win Super Duper Transcription Manual (Valued at $247.00)

The Super Duper Transcription Manual will include transcription of:

  • The Grip To Win Gripfighting Quick Start MP3 Audio File
  • The Grip To Win Importance of Gripping MP3 Audio File
  • The Grip To Win Q&A With Jimmy Pedro and Rhadi Ferguson MP3 Audio File
  • The Grip To Win Judo Resource MP3 Audio File
  • The Grip To Win Teleseminar MP3 Audio File

So there you have it. You’ll get $441.00 worth of Bonus Material for ABSOLUTELY FREE!
So all together that’s

Module 1 – The Grip To Win Gripfighting Quick Start Audio CD
Module 2 – The Grip To Win Importance of Gripping 2 Disc Audio Set
Module 3 – The Grip To Win Q&A With Jimmy Pedro and Rhadi Ferguson 2 Disc Audio Set
Bonus #1 – The Grip To Win Judo Resource 2 Disc Audio Set
Bonus #2 – The Grip To Win Teleseminar Audio CD


Bonus #3 – The Super Duper Huge Transcription Manual will include transcription of:

  • The Grip To Win Gripfighting Quick Start MP3 Audio File
  • The Grip To Win Importance of Gripping MP3 Audio File
  • The Grip To Win Q&A With Jimmy Pedro and Rhadi Ferguson MP3 Audio File
  • The Grip To Win Judo Resource MP3 Audio File
  • The Grip To Win Teleseminar MP3 Audio File

That’s $967.99 Worth Of Information Rich
Grip Fighting Materials For Only $37

Just in case you are still somewhat skeptical about the power of The Grip To Win Series you don’t have to believe us, just read what some other Olympians, World Champions and National Champions have said about gripping…


I have forgotten more judo than most people know. That’s my problem – I’ve forgotten it! No, seriously. I won the world championships and then went on to raise children, found a business and teach judo two or three times a week.

When I listen to these tapes or read the transcripts, they are a really useful reminder of things I know but don’t always do in practice or teaching because judo is NOT my full-time job. Almost every judo instructor like me does not have the luxury of thinking about judo all day long.

It is great to be able to review and remember, “Oh, yeah, I KNOW that I should never switch from right to left, just because I am having trouble getting a right grip.” Once you are no longer competing, it is easy to get lazy, sloppy or just plain busy and make mistakes when you really know better or forget to emphasize things you should.
Unless you are perfect, this package is a great reminder for any experienced coach of the things you know but don’t always teach on a regular basis. It is worth the money.

AnnMaria Rousey De Mars
World Judo Champion

Jimmy Pedro is by far the best gripper that the United States has ever produced. He’s a gripfighting genius! I moved to Massachusetts just so I could improve my gripfighting and my newaza. He’s retired and he’s still sharp as a tack.

Rick Hawn
2004 Olympian
US National Champion

Since I’ve been practicing with Jimmy, my gripfighting has improved tremendously. I won the New York Open by implementing the same exact gripping strategies that Jimmy teaches in practice and that you will hear inside of the Grip To Win Series. I can tell you one thing about Jimmy; Jimmy is the best in the world at gripfighting and his knowledge surpasses anything that I’ve ever seen. I still learn something new everytime I step on the mat

Radu Brestyan
2006 New York Open Champion

Rhadi is a tactician and a strategist when it comes to gripfighting. To say that he knows his stuff in an understatement. His gripfighting knowledge is top notch and it’s great for me because not only is he my strength and conditioning coach, but he also helps me with my Judo because we have similar explosive judo styles. I can truly say that Rhadi Ferguson helped me tremendously become one of the top 10 judo players in the World in 2005!

Taraje Williams-Murray
2004. 2008 Olympian
4X National Judo Champion
2005 Judo World Championships 9th Place

I am a former Division IA collegiate and professional football player who upon retiring from football decided to put on a Gi and try my hand at Judo. I have been in Judo for a total 6 months and have been competing for the last 3 months. My experience in the sport has been bitter/sweet thus far.

While I have very good physical attributes such as quickness, power, and dynamic flexibility, I found myself getting tossed around by weaker but much more experienced players. That was until I got my hands on the “Grip to Win Package” by Jimmy Pedro and Rhadi Ferguson! Now I’m able to express my true power while dominating my opponent with my grips.

Two weekends ago I had a match against a player with over 17+ years of experience in the sport and a very talented young judoka in his own right. As we were preparing to bow in and get on the mat, I could tell (via body language) that I was just some “chump” to him that he was going to use as his warm up set. Well, after a minute of me laying the “SMACK DOWN” on him with the grip sequences that I learned from Jimmy and Rhadi’s grip curriculum, he was definitely giving me more respect out there on the mat. The “Grip to Win Package” has elevated my game exponentially.

Just by changing my gripping strategy, I have made it almost impossible for my opponents’ to come in clean and throw me. I have only had the Grip to Win Package for four weeks…imagine what I’ll be able to do in four more months with this knowledge?! My hats off to both Rhadi and Jimmy; for creating such a fantastic tool and elevating the play of any judoka, samboist, or bjj practitioner.

Matt Elam MS

Hello Rhadi & Jimmy, This year marks my 46th year in Judo. I’m the age my senseis were when I started. I guess I’m considered one of those “Old Sensei’s” now.

The main reason I purchased your “Grip to Win” series was to teach my students gripping techniques. Though I prefer traditional techniques, I am not so old that I fail to recognize that “who ever gets the first grip usually wins!”

In my competitive days you just walked up to your opponent got a hold of his lapel and sleeve and tried to throw him. Your opponent did much the same. There was little strategy in gripping. I had no clue as to how to advise my students on the current methods of how to grip, much less how to grip effectively. I recently competed in Miami at the USA Judo Senior Nationals Masters Competition. My last competition was over 11 years ago. Needless to say I was somewhat concerned about coming up against new gripping techniques. I was amazed at how useful your “Grip to Win” series was for me. I’m not sure how effectively I utilized your advice, but knowing your techniques for gripping gave me the confidence to go out and compete again. I managed to take a third place in my division. Again thanks for giving me added confidence in my gripping techniques.

Now if you could have just put out a series of reminders for the “Older Sensei’s”, not to step out of bounds and time management techniques when you’re leading, I may have had a higher finish. These are the things that I advise my own students. Again thanks for your most useful series “Grip to Win”.

Dr. Dick Tashiro
President Washington State Judo

I first listened to a teleseminar on gripping from Rhadi Ferguson and Jimmy Pedro which I found to be very helpful and interesting. So when they offered the grip to win package I took advantage and got it. It was great, and I could not wait to take the knowledge from the audio files and share it with the other members of my club. I have listened to the MP3s several times and I get more each time I listen. I definitely recommend this product. Great Job Rhadi and Jimmy.

Jason Brodsky
Smithtown Judo, New York

Hello Rhadi, I know you’re busy and I won’t take much of your time. First, I would like to thank you for all the positive support you provide everyone.

More specifically, I want to thank you for my recent 3rd place win at a judo tournament. It was a 5 hour drive to get there, and along the way I was listening to one of your audios which also had Jimmy Pedro as a guest speaker. On the MP3s, you both addressed many issues, among which was breaking grips and establishing dominant grips. I used some of your strategy to defeat 7 out of 9 opponents, most of which was by IPPON (I just love ippon wins btw). Thought I would share this happy story with you as it was one of the most satisfying moments in my life!

Thank you Rhadi.
A Fan

Well, if you don’t believe 2 Olympians, all the people who submitted the unsolicited testimonials, and the body of our coaching careers and our athletic careers, I’m not sure what else we can do for you. I certainly hope if all that wasn’t good enough for you that you will just take a leap of faith and invest the best $37 bucks ever for your judo and/or gi grappling career.

Take care,

Dr. Rhadi Ferguson and Jimmy Pedro